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Need a quick fix on caffeinated news. There are many knowledgeable sources providing news that you can uae. Listed below are 20 coffee people you should be following on twitter. There are many amazing people on Twitter and a few coffee bloggers located there as well… good quick reading!


  • @ShotOfCoffee
  • @dearcoffeeiluvu
  • @DailyDemitasse

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Chicago Coffee Fest 2011

Meet us in Chicago on February 18 – 20, 2011 at the Navy Pier located at 600 East Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611 – 800-595-PIER. Our booth is number 1,000. Mark your calendar, Coffee Fest Chicago is coming up…

About Coffee Fest
Coffee Fest has been celebrating coffee long before coffee was “hot”. In 1992, they gathered coffee professionals together in Seattle for their first consumer coffee festival. After several years of hosting thriving events, Coffee Fest turned its focus toward the specialty coffee, gourmet tea and alternative beverage industry and brought retailers, distributors and manufacturers together for its first retail trade show in 1998.

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Reported by Business Insider
Steve Kovach and William Wei | Jan. 19, 2011, 2:30 PM


Starbucks launched its iPhone mobile payment service at each of its almost 7,000 retail locations today. 

The app lets you load your Starbucks card credit to your iPhone to make payments from special scanners at each store. The app also tracks your spending and offers you rewards like free coffee, but you can always opt out of registering if you don’t want to provide your billing information.

Each register is equipped with a scanner and our barista seemed well-trained in what to do. She took our phone, scanned it, and our gift card balance instantly reflected the new purchase.

The Starbucks Mobile Card app is free in the App Store. Download it here.

gebGrahamwich: Hour One 

Dateline: Chicago, Time Out Chicago

In the mornings, grahamwich will sell only coffee and pastries. The coffee is French press from SmartCup (Elliot says grahamwich is the only place in the city that uses take-out French press cups, which replicate the French press process in disposable plastic); the pastries come from Fritz.

Posted in Restaurants and bars by David Tamarkin on December 15th, 2010 at 10:32 am

Yesterday afternoon, Graham Elliot invited a few chefs to 615 N State St, the site of his about-to-open sandwich shop, grahamwich. The chefs—Grant AchatzRyan Poli, Giuseppe Tentori—arrived and instinctively stashed their bags and coats on the seats of the communal table in the back of the restaurant. Elliot saw this and experienced some minor panic: He realized, suddenly, that there was no place in the restaurant for people to hang their coats.

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Peets coffee press
From The Blog – The Model That Eats

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
French Press, To Go

Peet’s has done it again. The French Press lid is a new spin on coffee to go.

You do have to wait a couple of minutes to press it down, so you don’t get that instant gratification sip the second it’s handed to you… but totally worth it.

I like it because you can get a stronger cup, and it’s a great way to try all of the pricey blends that line the walls (for the price of a regular cup).


Is This A New Trend?

Perfecting his roasting technique, dubbing himself “The Dalai Java,” developing a following for his organic and fair-trade coffee beans at local farmers markets — that was the easy part for Scott Taylor. The real challenge: persuading his wife, Andrea, that the robust amount of coffee he was drinking wasn’t hurting him. That called for a truly creative solution.

Andrea Taylor, you see, owns an acupuncture business in Canandaigua and practices Chinese herbal medicine. She has nothing against coffee — in Chinese medicine, the green unroasted coffee bean is classified as an herb — but drinking too much affects the energy, or “Qi,” within the body, she says. Qi is believed to help the body cope with stress and prevent illness.

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Starbucks has teamed up with Yahoo to offer their customers e-books and movies in an attempt to encourage them to “stay a while” and purchase more items at Starbucks.

Starbucks, who traditionally charged for wireless internet, began their free wireless internet campaign in July of this year. Now when you access Starbucks’ wireless service, you will be welcomed to watch moves, read books or enjoy access to some paid sites from their partners, some of which include:

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • USA Today
  • The New York Times
  • Apple’s iTunes
  • Patch
  • Zagat

The move comes as Starbucks faces steep competition from McDonald’s Corp. and other fast-food chains pushing increasingly fancy coffee drinks. But it also offers Starbucks a chance to make money by selling songs, e-books and other material to customers who linger over its free Wi-Fi.

Customers will see the network as soon as they connect to Starbucks’ Internet on their smart phones, computer or tablets, such as the iPad. A welcome page allows customers to scroll through various sections including entertainment, wellness, business and careers, and “my neighborhood,” where they can find community news, restaurant reviews and more.

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