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Enjoying XPress in the Shop

XPress Lid… Fresh, Pressed and Custom

Since I am the only coffee drinker at the shop I appreciate the convenience of the XPress from Smartcup. French press coffee is the best way to enjoy coffee and I use a glass press at home but here at the shop the convenience of the single use cup can’t be beat. I am also impressed with the design and quality of the product. I wish I had come up with it!


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XPress Lid Takes 2nd @ Coffee Fest Kent Rhodes, CEO, Accepts the Award

The tinker’s wagon pulled up to the Minneapolis show with exhibitors sharing their latest and greatest products and innovations.

XPress lid by SmartCup won second place for its innovative French press, which is a single-use, single-serve and recyclable lid with a built-in press that fits most standard 16 oz. and 20 oz. hot cups.

Since French Press is the only way to prepare coffee for serious coffee aficionados, this lets them get their fix on the run.

Also great for tea lovers; just add hot water to the loose tea, then push the plunger when brewed to your liking.


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